About the 2014 Church Leaders Forum

In spring 2014, more than 800 church leaders in 10 Canadian cities participated in the church leaders forum: "Shifting Stats: Shaking the Church." It was an amazing time of learning, fellowship, and encouragement.

What was it all about? At this afternoon church leaders forum we gained a bird’s-eye view of Canada’s new cultural context and a different lens through which to re-frame the Gospel.

Using the latest Canadian statistics and church research, Dr. Don Moore, World Vision’s National Church Ambassador, painted the picture of our new cultural and religious landscape. Bruxy Cavey, author and Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House, then challenged our thinking on how to not only present but also live out the Gospel given these new realities.

Since 2007, World Vision Canada has offered these half-day church leader events to serve the local church. We strive to offer relevant ministry topics and host a space for honest conversation and collaboration among local leaders. For news about our next forum, sign up for our church leaders email newsletter.

Informal forum highlights

  1. New ideas80%
  2. Fellowship with other leaders 60%
  3. Coffee40%
  4. Resources for ministry70%
  5. Laughter60%
  6. Wisdom60%
  7. Biblical insights100%
  8. Inspiration 90%

  • Inspiring and hopeful for our churches.- Past forum participant, Calgary
  • Great speaker, awesome content, lots left to think about!- Past forum participant, Toronto
  • Thanks for not shying away from the tough topics.- Past forum participant, Moncton